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Above and Beyond Cargo

Your partner for all shipping solutions – FTL or LTL.

Rely on our expertise to manage all elements of your logistics operation, from pick-up to drop-off.

Above and Beyond Cargo

Network, Knowledge, and Experience Matter

Securing superior, cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions is a full-time job. This is where the relationship within our vast network and experience in creating resourceful solutions comes into play. Above and Beyond Cargo thrives on providing solutions to complex needs.

Relationships translate into pricing discounts and exceptional customer service to your customer. Our service will provide individual needs, managing the tasks normally taken on by an internal shipping department. Companies can rely on us to assist with scheduling both, pick-ups and deliveries, paperwork, tracking, and any other elements related to the shipment. The result of engaging our service is saving money through volume discounts and time saved. Most importantly, the shipment arrives safely, intact and on-time, and you and your customer will know this all the way to completion.

Above and Beyond Cargo is a long-term partner to you and your company. Today we may be working and negotiating on your behalf for an immediate delivery, however, we are also negotiating and working towards our future relationship as well.


  • van freight

    Van Freight

    Above and Beyond Cargo transports a variety of dry goods, furniture, automotive, electrical, and music equipment. We have carried beverages, apparel, paper products, ceramic tile and many other products in a variety of industries from every corner of the country.

  • Refrigerated


    From Frozen to Climate controlled freight we have carried frozen seafood, ice cream, frozen foods and many time-sensitive food industry products. We have moved produce, beverages, medical vaccines, and other medical supplies for the pharmaceutical industry. Above and Beyond Cargo can provide an in-depth downloadable report of the total in-transit temperature.

  • Flatbed Freight

    Flatbed Freight

    Our experience in this field ranges from precast concrete products, tile, equipment, rail road equipment, railroad ties, tarped and no tarp capabilities. Above and Beyond Cargo has the capabilities of managing Stepdeck, Low-boys and RGN capacity to cover your specialized cargo.

  • Heavy Haul

    Heavy Haul

    Above and Beyond Cargo can assist with specialized equipment and materials hauling. This service includes finding the perfect solution and skilled drivers, securing the proper permits and escorts, and being compliant with all local, state, and national regulations.

Carrier Packet

You may download the Carrier Packet here.

Carrier Packet

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Customer Service is our priority at Above and Beyond Cargo. We specialize in individually-designed delivery solutions to fit your company's needs. Please contact us for more information on the services we offer, our rates and how we can help your business.

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