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ADOT's Challenge for Road Safety During Memorial Day Weekend

ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) is challenging drivers to engage in smarter and safer decisions and achieve zero traffic fatalities during Memorial Weekend. Simply stated - they want to see NO more fatal crashes. Did you know? The last time Arizona had zero car fata...
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How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is an issue that is being addressed on both the state and federal levels in the trucking industry. As a trucking company, we have regular safety meetings, which gives us the opportunity to remind our drivers to be alert while driving. It is a good time to remin...
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Bending Properly - Are You Doing It Right?

Do you know if you are bending properly, in a way that protects your back from injury and pain? Try this simple experiment to find out. Stand up and put your hands on your waist. Now imagine a feather has been dropped in front of your feet and you are asked to pick it up. If...
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Bikes, Trucks and Cars - Sharing the Road Safely

During our safety meetings each week at Above and Beyond Delivery, the topics of discussion are anything and everything related to safety. After all, safety is our number one goal for everyone at the company.  We witnessed an incident recently where a bicyclist had lost his ba...
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Clearance is Not Only Height

  During our weekly safety meeting, we discussed many topics, both simple and those that require great effort. This one was simple with a little extra effort to be cognizant of your surroundings. Recenty, one of our drivers’ side mirrors was hit while driving. We have also ...
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Protect Your Vehicle from Unexpected Moving Objects

Every week we have a meeting to discuss safety at Above and Beyond Delivery. Here is a recent incident brought to our attention. A spider dropped down in front of the drivers face in the FMI (local) truck. This truck, which goes to the mines may have had a spider infestation, ...
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Managing Driver Stress – It’s a Matter of Health

Driver health and managing drivers’ stress is a big topic of conversation in the trucking industry today. As the industry faces an upcoming driver shortage, it’s putting efforts into promoting health and reducing stress for current drivers. Having a healthy core of drivers he...
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Winter Driving—It's That Time of the Year Again

A Few Things to Remember.   We may not deal with a lot of winter weather and snow in Phoenix AZ, but other parts of the state do have to manage snowy weather every winter. Flagstaff is only a couple of hours away and they recently had a big snow. This is good information to he...
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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Fleet

Owning an in-house trucking fleet may have its benefits. But could there be practical reasons to outsource your trucking and logistics that supersede the benefits? It is a valuable practice to examine both sides and see if outsourcing could save your company valuable time, effort...
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